Announcing the Everyday Bombshell™ Scholarship Program!

October 18, 2010


Because I feel very strongly that everyone deserves to feel sexy and develop confidence, I have decided to launch the Bombshell Betty® Everyday Bombshell™ Scholarship Program to provide self-esteem enhancing classes, services and products at no charge to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and women overcoming eating disorders, physical disabilities, economic disadvantages and […]

Body Comments – How “You’ve lost weight” can be just as bad as “Does this make my ass look big?”

October 5, 2010


We all know that asking “Do these jeans make my ass look big?” is a conversational no-no.  It’s a no-brainer. It’s just asking for trouble. However, many of us may not realize that many things we say to each other, intending them to be compliments or just looking to relate, can hurt the self esteem […]

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Guilt or pleasure? Are you ready to rethink how you relate to food?

September 10, 2010



 Do you find yourself beating yourself up for what you are eating rather than taking pleasure in the deliciousness of your food? I came across an inspiring blog post about being concious of what we are eating and appreciating our food, rather than making every meal a judgement-filled guilt-fest. The author decided to start saying grace before every meal as a way […]

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America’s Next Top Model headlines Love Your Body Day

September 8, 2010


America's Next Top Model season 10 winner Whitney Thompson and Chenese Lewis pose naked, nude, for Love Your Body Day 2010. (Love Your Body Day/NOW

(CBS) The battle of body image just got a little easier on the eyes. “America’s Next Top Model” season 10 winner Whitney Thompson has left her clothes at the door to headline this year’s “Love Your Body Day.” The event, created by Thompson’s poster mate, Chenese Lewis, hopes to help women accept themselves and feel […]

Hollywood Celebs Admit “I’m Always Hungry!”

September 8, 2010



  I came across a great blog post today with the above image from a magazine where Hollywood celebrities admitted that in order to maintain their camera-ready figures, they have to eat so little that they are always hungry.  The author of the post also discussed her brush with dieting obsession when she counted calories for a […]

Dove Video Protects Girls’ Self Esteem

September 8, 2010


A few years ago, Dove created a short video that demonstrates how cosmetics and photo retouching are used to create the unrealistic and unattainable images of female beauty that are used for billboard advertisements, and of course in magazines. (Haven’t seen the video? Watch it below!) Researchers have found that viewing this video helps protect […]

Bellies Are Beautiful

September 8, 2010


I found a great site dedicated to the celebration of beautiful bellies of all shapes and sizes.  Here is an excerpt from the “About” page: Bellies get a bad rap. You see them floating headless on news channels with concerned voiceovers calling attention to the “Obesity Epidemic.” You see them, pinched, wrapped in measuring tape, […]

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