What Message Does Weight-Loss TV Send?

Posted on November 4, 2010


This article, “What Message Does Weight-Loss TV Send To Teens?” by Camilla Nord, addresses how weight-loss TV and other weight-obsessed media affects teen self-esteem, but I think the ideas presented in this article apply to all of us! Here’s just a little snippet:

Healthy weight is good; unhealthy weight loss is not. This is a simple fact rarely conveyed in short term weight-loss shows. This does not encompass the wider influence of weight loss on television, in before/after photos of Hollywood starlets, and in countless magazine headlines blaring “Lose those last ten pounds!” Anorexia did not come out of nowhere for young girls around the world. If weight loss is held up as a prize proving your self-control, even proving your self-worth, it is unsurprising that this ideology comes to define a large number of young people.