Body-Image issues for men

Posted on November 4, 2010


While my focus in this blog and in my career in general has always been womens’ self-esteem and body image issues, that is not because I have ever believed that men do not have body-image issues as well. Quite the contrary! An article posted today, “Not for women only: Men join the battle of the bulge” by Russel Plummer, has this to say:

 As Americans entered the third Millennium, body image dissatisfaction — particularly among college-age men — continued as a growing concern for men, according to a Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) newsletter on mental health.

Research on men’s health shows eating disorders may be driven by competition to stay more defined than other men. It also indicates media plays a significant role by presenting unrealistic images of the ideal male body and advertisements promoting weight lifting, exercise products and underwear have become increasingly sexualized and dehumanized men, according to the MSOE report.

“In the past, (weight loss) has been a female thing,” said Crystal Schoenborn, a personal trainer at Dedicated Fitness, 44 N. Main St. “… I think a lot more men have issues with being overweight. Body image is becoming a focus for men. In our society, men need to look good too.”