Bellies Are Beautiful

Posted on September 8, 2010


I found a great site dedicated to the celebration of beautiful bellies of all shapes and sizes.  Here is an excerpt from the “About” page:

Bellies get a bad rap. You see them floating headless on news channels with concerned voiceovers calling attention to the “Obesity Epidemic.” You see them, pinched, wrapped in measuring tape, or peeking out of pants 3 sizes too large, embossed with diet messaging on billboards and glossy magazines. Someone’s always trying to flatten them, or deprive them, or suck them in, hide them, minimize them. We say — drop your pants, hike up your shirt, and tell your belly you love it! Grip your love handles and shake ’em like you’re happy to meet them! Tell your belly it’s beautiful! Bump bellies with others! Take pictures of your bellies and hang them up in your house! Take pictures of your bellies and send them to us so other people can see how beautiful your belly is! So other people who may not like their bellies can see how many different kinds of bellies there *really* are in the world, and how their belly is just another beautiful belly in the broad belly spectrum.

I would post some sample photos here, but they request that photos not be cross-posted, so check out the beautiful bellies here.

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