February 26, 2011

What Message Does Weight-Loss TV Send?

November 4, 2010


This article, “What Message Does Weight-Loss TV Send To Teens?” by Camilla Nord, addresses how weight-loss TV and other weight-obsessed media affects teen self-esteem, but I think the ideas presented in this article apply to all of us! Here’s just a little snippet: Healthy weight is good; unhealthy weight loss is not. This is a […]

Body-Image issues for men

November 4, 2010


While my focus in this blog and in my career in general has always been womens’ self-esteem and body image issues, that is not because I have ever believed that men do not have body-image issues as well. Quite the contrary! An article posted today, “Not for women only: Men join the battle of the bulge” […]

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WTF, Marie Claire? Stop Size-ism in the Media!

November 2, 2010


The internet is buzzing about Maura Kelly’s recent blog entry for Marie Claire entitled, “Should ‘Fatties’ Get a Room? (Even on TV?).” There is an uproar on Twitter (#unfollowmarieclaire) and Facebook, and the magazine has received approximately 28,000 email responses to the post. Kelly is “excited and moved by their responses,” which means she really doesn’t […]

Scholarship Program and Ambassador application process has been fixed!

October 30, 2010


After launching the Bombshell Betty® Everyday Bombshell™ Scholarship Program and Ambassador Program, I received emails and comments telling me that the link to the application didn’t work. After having no success making the Google Docs form work properly, I have decided to accept applications via email! To apply, simply go here. I apologize for the […]

Go on, say it! What do you love about your body?

October 18, 2010


In response to the conversation in the comments section on my Body Talk  post, I was already thinking of posting about positive body talk. It turns out that October 18-22, 2010 is Fat Talk Free Week.  Talk about synchronicity! It has always seemed to me that women are conditioned to argue with you rather than accept […]